Automatic Import

Importing software titles from Kinobi

We are aware of an issuing surrounding the adding of a large number of patch definitions simultaneously. For this reason, we do not suggest adding all titles at once.

We are constantly adding new software titles to Kinobi. If a patch definition does not exist for a software title in Kinobi, please let us know via our Service Desk and we will begin tracking this title as soon as possible.

Importing software titles from a Kinobi subscription is the simplest and easiest way of maintaining patch definitions.

Once a software title is added to Kinobi, new patch definitions are added automatically, ready for a corresponding Patch Policy to be configured in Jamf Pro.

In this example, we will be importing a software title definition for Slack.

From the Patch Definitions page, select From Kinobi from the Import button.

From the Import from Kinobi modal, enter Slack in the Filter Results field and select the checkbox next to Slack, then select Apply.

Slack will now be visible on the Patch Definitions page. 

Next Steps

Congratulations! You have subscribed to a patch definition from Kinobi.

Patch definitions can now be configured in Jamf Pro.