Kinobi Pro

First Steps

Prior to the start of your subscription, an exhaustive list of software used in your Mac environment will be collected in order to build a software catalog specific to your organisation. This may include seeking original software media or installers, arranging VPN access (if required), as well as any licensing details. Once this information is collated and finalised, your first delivery will be prepared.

Delivery Schedule

Weekly (Monday-to-Monday) deliveries are performed of your new and updated packages, excluding Mondays that fall on non-availability days. If this occurs, the delivery will be made on the next available day of operation.
Packages will be delivered via Dropbox Business, and a Dropbox account will be created specifically for your organisation — there are no additional costs for the Dropbox Business account. The Dropbox account is used for the express purpose of a two way electronic file transfer between your organisation and Kinobi Pro. The Dropbox Business account will be reclaimed at the completion of the subscription service.

Interacting with Kinobi Pro

The Kinobi Service Desk is your portal to not only requesting a new or updated software title, but also to seek support or report a bug. The Kinobi Service Desk is accessible at

Request Types

Kinobi Pro has adopted an ITIL approach to service management — tickets are handled internally as Service Requests, Incidents, Problems, and Change Requests. However, in order to simplify the process of interacting with the Kinobi Service Desk, request types have been separated into the following categories:

Requesting a new software title

A request for packaging an application not currently listed in your software catalogue
(for example, a new application has been purchased by your organisation and requires packaging).

Requesting a currently-packaged software title be updated

A request for updating an application listed in your software catalogue (for example, a major new release of a software title currently packaged by us has been purchased by your organisation that requires packaging).

Requesting a change to an existing package

A change is required to an existing package delivered by us (for example, licensing information has been updated and needs to be included in the Settings package).

Reporting an issue with an existing package

An issue has been found with a packaged delivered by us (for example, the package fails to install).

Requesting assistance with another issue

Any issues not suitable to be lodged against any of the other request types (for example, requesting access to the Kinobi Service Desk for a new member of your organisation).

Request Workflows

Request Validation

When a packaging request is submitted, it is first validated to ensure all required information and resources are provided in order to fulfil the request. This may include information regarding software licensing or the availability of the original installation media. If a software title requires a hardware device (e.g. a dongle) or licensing server (accessible via VPN) in order to be run, this will tested as part of this process, if these mechanisms are available. If unavailable, we will arrange a workable testing process with you in order to ensure the package will be functional.

In Progress

Once the packaging request has been validated, the packaging and testing process is undertaken. For titles not already present within our application catalogue, this step also ensures we begin tracking this title for future vendor updates (where possible).

Awaiting Delivery

A completed package, once tested, is placed in our Package Library, ready to be delivered in the next scheduled delivery. For high priority requests, an off-schedule delivery can be arranged if required.


A request is closed only once a delivery has been confirmed, or an issue has been confirmed resolved. Closed requests remain visible through the Kinobi Service Desk for full transparency.

Request Priority

All package based requests can be set to Low, Standard (default), or High priority levels. This excludes issue reports, which are automatically assigned a High priority. No additional costs are associated with altering a priority status of a request.

Request Turnarounds

Mondada only delivers packages that have been fully tested. All package based requests target a one business week turnaround from a request being initially lodged to awaiting delivery. As package complexities vary between software titles and vendors, delivery estimates can be provided during the Request Validation process.

Packaging Information

All Kinobi Pro packages include, as standard:

Developer signing

All Kinobi Pro packages are signed with an Apple Developer ID Installer Certificate if packaging an application signed with a valid Apple Developer ID Application Certificate — where an application is not signed, the corresponding package will remain unsigned.

Dependency checking

All Kinobi Pro packages include dependency checking on two levels:

  • Where a package requires pre-existing software or dependencies in order to complete a successful installation, the installation will not proceed and a descriptive failure message will be written to the installation log.

  • Where a package detects that, in order for the software payload to execute, pre-existing software or dependencies are required but are not present, a warning message is written to the installation log and displayed as a warning message if using

If a package contains plug-ins or add-ons for external third-party products (e.g. EndNote), these are automatically installed if the product is detected, otherwise the plug-ins or add-ons are skipped and a message is written to the installation log.

In addition, packages can include the following:

Custom scripts

Kinobi Pro provides some custom scripts in addition to packages, able to be leveraged via management tools to performing additional tasks which are required to complete the installation of a software title, with behaviour unable to be embedded in the primary package (for example, initiating the installation of a macOS upgrade after installing the Install

Kinobi Pro can also provide payload-free packages, which execute custom scripts that are either internally developed by us or provided by you, however scripts not developed by us cannot be tested nor supported.

User preferences

Pre-defined user preferences can be included in seperate packages, where possible (for example, first-run dialog suppression). These will be delivered as seperate Settings packages delivered alongside main application packages, in order to maintain package modularity.


Licensing information (such as application serialisation) can be included in seperate packages, where possible. These will be delivered as seperate License packages delivered alongside main application packages, in order to maintain package modularity.

Kinobi Pro cannot package:

Software requiring source code compilation

Software that requires the use of a compiler in order to executed by a user produces different results across different environments, and accordingly, consistent experience cannot be guaranteed. For this reason, only software distributed as a compiled binary (e.g. an .app executable file) will be packaged.

Windows software

Kinobi Pro's strength lies in its exclusive focus on the macOS platform. This focus ensures that we produce consistently high quality packages in line with Apple’s best practices.

Package Testing

All packages are tested to the same rigorous standards, and are classed as being under warranty for the duration of your Kinobi Pro subscription. Applications deployed using Kinobi Pro packages will exhibit the same runtime behaviour as those deployed using the original vendor installation media, unless otherwise noted or requested. Prior to release, packages are:

  • tested on the current version of macOS, and for selected titles the previous version;

  • tested against third-party products, for packages that install plug-ins or add-ons; and,

  • tested using the macOS in addition to command line installation mechanisms, and (for selected titles) are tested with particular management tools that are known to exhibit issues during deployment.

Service Availability

The Kinobi Pro service is available all business days, excluding those as prescribed as being Victorian and Australian public holidays, as well as all business days between Christmas and New Years Day.